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Insecurities, June 2020, Watercolor, charcoal pastel on paper, 24 x 18


Incongruence, June 2020, Charcoal, oil pastels on paper, 24 x 18


Fear, March 2020, Pastel, watercolor and oil, 24 x 18


Precipice, 2020, Oil pastels, watercolor, 24 x 18


Lessons Learned, April 2020, Pastel, watercolor, and oil, 24 x 18


C-19, May 2020, Charcoal, 24 x 18


911, May 2020, Charcoal, 24 x 18

Shadow Side

The title of my new series is Corona Chronicles: My Shadow Side. My current work during the beginning of the  pandemic was an examination of my shadow side. I was frozen for a couple of weeks. Then I went through a period of thawing and expect my last stage will be woke. Throughout this pandemic of 2020 and ongoing I have experienced the agency of healing my vacancies. It is the decolonization of self, a time to renew and a time to grow.

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