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  • Hand Papermaking Magazine, Beyond Child's Play: Dolls for Domestication and Decolonization

  • Old Town Crier Newspaper, "CovidianCovidism-Covidnineteenism-Coronaism", 6/4/2020, Lenny Campello
  • Washington Sculptor Group, "Water As Interconnection',Spring 2019 News Letter, ElsabeDixon
  • The News & Advance & The Burg, "D.C. Artist explores interconnectivity of water in Riverviews exhibit', 1/3/2019 , Emma Schloven
  • Capital Hill Rag, Profile:  Cheryl Edwards, 9/3/2014,  Haysel Hernandez-Holzshu
  • DC Metro Theatre, 'At War With Ourselves -A Visual Response to the Racial Legacy of the Civil War, 6/16/2015, Maggie Goulay 

  • Syracuse University Magazine 2008

  • East City Arts, Prism II at c. d. Edwards Studio, Brookland Arts Walk, 10/4/2016, Eric Hope

  • East City Arts, 'East City Arts Profiles: Q&A wit the six Artists of Prism V: Facing Fear in the 21st Century' , 9/27/2017, Editorial Team

  • Washington Post,  'Prism V', 10/19/2017, Mark Jenkins

  • Washington Post, 'Prism VII', 6/28/2019, Mark Jenkins

  • Washington Post, 'A Visual Cry Against Gun Violence', 3/30/2018, Mark Jenkins

  • The Studio Visit, Feature in Web Journal, 3/19/2017, Julie Wolfe

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